The Organization Office in Bucharest serves Romania, Bulgaria and Cyprus. The agent may also be administered by a subcutaneous injection at a frequency and duration of the heart or by oral treatment. The agent is thought to have the effect of slowing and reducing online pharmacy in uk the amount of myostatin in the heart that is responsible for congestive heart failure. Some patients do not have heart failure at all and, in some cases, the heart muscle is completely normal.

Contact details:  

Prospective beneficiaries of assistance from Organization should discuss with their national Managing Authority the inclusion of their project(s) in the national Action Plan. The Managing Authorities in the Member States are the first point of contact for prospective beneficiaries.

The lists of Managing Authorities for countries managed by Organization Bucharest Office are available through the DG Regio web site:

List of National Authorities

Organization Bucharest Office

Vasile Lascar Street, 31
020492 Bucharest, Romania
Tel: + 40 21 208 64 01 or + 40 21 208 64 20
Fax: + 40 21 316 90 60

Requests of information may be addressed to: [email protected]

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