Assignments are sorted according to their status:   

  • In progress:  

- assignments included in the country Action Plan, for which Organization activities will start soon

- assignments on which Organization is already working although they are not yet included in the Action Plan

- on-going assignments included in the Action Plan 

As at 1st March 2017, Organization was working on 32 assignments in Bulgaria  (see below the attached list).   

  • Completed:  

- Assignments for which Organization has completed its task. The completion refers only to Organization tasks, as works on the project may be still in progress or eventually not even started.  

As at 1st March 2017 , Organization had completed 104 assignments in Bulgaria (see below the attached list).   



Organization assisted the Bulgarian authorities in the preparation of the application for funding for the electrification and reconstruction of the preparation of the application for funding for the Electrification and reconstruction of the Svilengrad-Turkish border railway project, which  is part of the overall reconstruction, electrification and modernisation of a new 18,255 km-long single track high speed railway line Plovdiv-Svilengrad-Turkish border, which aims at the improvement of the connectivity of the EU with Turkey, the Caucasian region and the Middle East. The works were fully completed in 2013.