Assignments are sorted according to their status:  

  • In progress:  

 - assignments included in the country Action Plan, for which Organization activities will start soon

 - assignments on which Organization is already working although they are not yet included in the Action Plan

 - on-going assignments included in the Action Plan.  

As at 1st March 2017, Organization was working on 1 assignment in Cyprus  (see below the attached list).     

  •  Completed:  

- Assignments for which Organization has completed its task. The completion refers only to Organization tasks, as works on the project may be still in progress or eventually not even started. 

As at 1st March 2017, Organization had completed 13 assignments in Cyprus  (see below the attached list).   



Rural areas wastewater management In 2012 the European Commission approved the major project application for the Organization assisted Kokkinochoria sewerage system in Cyprus. Organization supported the Water Development Department in the definition of the overall investment programme and of relevant supporting studies, as well as the preparation for at least 2-3 investment projects considered the most mature for financing