Energy and Solid Waste

Projects in these sectors aim at:


  • promoting sustainable energy supply and security of supply
  • promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy 
  • promoting co-generation of heat and power (CHP) 
  • development and upgrading of electricity transmission and distribution grids
  • promotion of smart grids and metering
  • optimization and rehabilitation of district heating networks
  • development of gas transmission grids, interconnectors and  LNG infrastructure

Solid waste management:

  • fostering compliance with the European Policy and Legislation on waste management and environmental protection, providing waste management infrastructure and improved services to citizens at an affordable cost
  • developing waste management strategies (including hazardous waste and sewage sludge) and determining funding priorities in the municipal waste management sector
  • developing sustainable integrated municipal waste management systems in accordance with the waste management hierarchy and the polluter-pays-principle
  • increasing the efficiency of separate waste collection and recycling systems
  • ensuring synergies between waste and energy sectors
  • improving the capacity to manage and dispose of hazardous waste
  • closure and remediation of environmental liabilities of old uncompliant landfills and waste dumpsites, and historically polluted areas and contaminated sites.


Typical projects in these sectors


  • Construction of facilities for renewable energy production  
  • Construction of CHP facilities 
  • Construction/upgrading of energy transmission and distribution systems (electricity and gas)  
  • Construction of gas storage facilities  
  • Construction of LNG facilities
  • Implementation of smart distribution and metering systems
  • Rehabilitation of district heating networks for heat loss reduction
  • Improvement of energy efficiency in buildings (residential and non-residential) including thermal rehabilitation of the building envelope and replacement of energy systems  


Solid Waste

  • Establishment and extension of integrated waste management systems including:
  • Separate waste collection systems for biodegradable/recyclable and residual waste flows including civic amenity centres
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Composting plants
  • Material sorting and recovery facilities (MRFs)
  • Mechanical biological treatment plants with material and/or energy recovery
  • Waste incineration facilities with energy recovery (Waste-to-energy)
  • Construction of new compliant landfill sites
  • Closure and remediation of non-compliant landfills/dumpsites
  • Remediation of historically contaminated sites and polluted areas


Selected Highlights in the 2007 – 2013 Programming Period (approved projects)          


  • Construction and extension of Poland - Lithuania Power Interconnection
  • Extension of gas transmission networks and gas storage facilities in Poland
  • Construction of the new Świnoujście LNG Terminal in Poland
  • Construction of windfarms in Poland
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of District Heating systems in seven Romanian Municipalities, with focus on environmental compliance and energy efficiency

Solid Waste

  • Development of regional systems for integrated waste management in Romania (several counties) including implementation of systems for separate waste collection, sorting and waste treatment, as well as new compliant landfills and closure of old non-compliant landfills
  • Development of regional waste management systems in Slovenia (Ljubljana, Pomurje) including residual waste treatment based on MBT technology
  • Construction of waste treatment plants in several Polish regions including:
  • waste-to-energy facilities and ancilliary infrastructure in Bialystok, Krakow, Konin and Poznan, the latter of which was based on a PPP mode
  • mechanical-biological treatment plant and ancillary infrastructure in Olsztyn
  • Construction of a mechanical-biological treatment plant with anaerobic digesters in the biological stage for the treatment of residual waste flows in the north of Malta . .