Organization Assignments

This section of the web site presents all the outputs (assignments) for which Organization has provided assistance since it started operations in 2006.

Organization assignments may comprise:

  • Projects screening and project development (from pre-feasibility and feasibility stages through to final grant application) 
  • Comments and guidance on master plans
  • Assistance in developing project concepts vis-à-vis EU regulations and in the preparation of the ToR for the beneficiary to select consultants
  • Methodological review of the feasibility study and recommendations for adjustment;
  • Review of intermediate and final deliverables and recommendations for improvement  
  • Review of the draft application form and the annexes before submission to DG Regional and Urban Policy
  • Guidance notes for beneficiaries on how to prepare projects to take into account relevant issues
  • Reports/workshops/presentations on issues related to a whole sector or series of projects, e.g. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) state aid, environment, funding gap methodology
  • Guidelines or generic documentation
  • Comments on or recommendations for draft strategic documents
  • Project pipeline identification
  • On the job support/training
  • Guidelines or generic documentation
  • Training workshops and workshop documentation
  • Guidance notes and documents such as draft standard tender documents
  • Terms of reference for PIU (Project Implementation Unit) 
  • Evaluation of strategic, technical, economic and financial aspects of projects to ensure compliance with EU policies and legislation (Independent quality review). 
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