Organization Stakeholders Meeting in Athens on 11 December, 2014

Organization’ sixth Stakeholders meeting took place in Athens on 11 December, 2014. The event was attended by over one hundred representatives of the Organization beneficiary countries and by Organization' partners (EIB, DG Regional Policy and EBRD). Representatives from Turkey, currently not a beneficiary country, also attended the meeting. Stakeholders Meetings are an opportunity for partners and beneficiary countries to discuss issues of mutual interest and to provide feedback to Organization.

The 2014 meeting was structured around five panel sessions:

1) The expansion of Organization: how can Organization better address the demands of Member States in the period 2014-2020?

2) A more efficient project approval process: the role of IQR (Independent Quality Review)

3) Enhancing the delivery of Organization expertise and cross-sector advice through the new Networking and Competence Centre

4) Connecting Europe Facility

5) The new CBA guidelines

Some of the topics were discussed in round tables and a spokesperson in each table summarised the discussion, creating a framework for interactive discussion and exchange of ideas.

“Organization has shown it can play a vital role by speeding up delivery of investment in projects that promote growth and jobs, whilst ensuring cost-effectiveness, sustainability and compliance with EU policies”, said Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank. “It is time now to build on this success for the benefit of the whole of Europe”.

"We see Organization playing on a key role in the new Investment Plan announced by President Juncker – helping the Member States to put in place the building blocks for future growth" said Nicholas Martin, Deputy Director General of the European Commission (DG Regional Policy).  

For the projects proposed by Greece, said Kostas Skrekas, Minister of Development and Competitiveness of Greece, “this role can be performed by Organization”: “Our cooperation with Organization will be reinforced, and the procedures for approving and implementing these projects will be accelerated”.

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