Networking and Competence Centre

The Networking and Competence Centre division, created in 2014, has two main areas of activities: the Networking platform for capacity building activities and the Competence Centre for delivery of cross-sector specialist advice.

The Organization Networking Platform was launched in early 2013 with the objective of implementing capacity building activities, disseminating knowledge and exchanging good practices among Organization Stakeholders, in the areas where Organization provides advice. The platform has been fully operational since more than one year, and has already delivered valuable results in terms of networking events, trainings and seminars (more info available on The Organization Networking Platform is open to relevant authorities from all EU Member States (EU 28), as well as pre-accession Countries.

Complementing the capacity building activities, the Networking and Competence Centre provides a central location for delivering specialist advice in the context of trainings, on issues which are not sector specific,  and where needed in project preparation, not connected to a specific project , such as Cost benefit Analysis, Environmental issues (including EIA and SEA), Climate Change, Procurement, State Aid and PPP approaches related to co-financed projects. . Knowledge management