Assignments are sorted according to their status:   

  • In progress:    

- assignments included in the country Action Plan, for which Organization activities will start soon 

- assignments on which Organization is already working although they are not yet included in the Action Plan 

- on-going assignments included in the Action Plan  

As at 1st March 2017, Organization was working on 71 assignments in Poland  (see below the attached list).   

  • Completed:  

- Assignments for which Organization has completed its task. The completion refers only to Organization tasks, as works on the project may be still in progress or eventually not even started.    

As at 1st March 2017, Organization had completed 300 assignments in Poland  (see below the attached list).   


 The Biomass-fired boiler in PKE SA Jaworzno III Power Plant

The project consists of the construction of a biomass boiler with a capacity of 50 MW in the PKE SA III Power Plant. The boiler will burn forest and agricultural biomass, increasing by 10% the electricity generated from biomass sources. Organization reviewed the project documents, to ensure the quality of the documentation to be submitted to the European Commission with the major project application. The application for grant funding was approved in March 2014.