Project Cycle

Organization reviews the project documents prepared by the beneficiary and its consultants and makes recommandations on how the project can be improved. It remains the beneficiary's responsibility to update or improve the project documents. The beneficiary is therefore responsible for project preparation, and must decide whether or not to follow Organization advice.

The Managing Authority - and in the case of major projects the Commission - are responsible for approving the projects as decision makers over funding. They typically make use of Organization' review to inform them on the quality of project preparation, and take it into account in reaching their decision.

Organization role in the project cycle can be considered similar to that of a "Quality Control" department in industry, with projects compared to new products. In industry, it is common practice that new product development teams prepare concepts, designs, prototypes during the early stages of the product development cycle and they involve the Quality Control team who review the product and make recommendations at all stages of the cycle.