TEN-T network outline plan on 2020 horizon

Road projects aim at:

  • Implementing the trans-European transport strategy
  • Providing support and guidelines for national transport strategies
  • Ensuring the preparation of safe and reliable connections
  • Supporting regional development and fluid traffic conditions
  • Resolving critical situations when bypassing villages and cities
  • Implementing environmental mitigation measures
  • Improving safety
  • Optimising traffic flows


Typical road projects

  • Motorways
  • Expressways
  • Rehabilitation of existing roads
  • City bypasses
  • Ring roads
  • Removal of bottlenecks related to capacity, structural stability or safety
  • Tolling systems
  • Support for procurement strategy and procedures


Selected Highlights

  • Bulgaria: Trakia, Maritza motorways
  • Czech republic: major road schemes
  • Estonia: Tallin Ulemiste road junction
  • Hungary: provincial urban transport, trunk road n° 4
  • Latvia: Riga Northern Corridor 1st stage (Brivibas St)
  • Lithuania: Via Baltica and Vilnius southern bypass
  • Malta: Improvement of TEN-T Road Network
  • Poland: motorways and expressways
  • Romania: motorways and TEN-T schemes
  • Slovakia: motorway and expressway schemes
  • Slovenia: motorway A2
  • Horizontal actions: CBA methodology, management of project cost increases of road projects