Assignments are sorted according to their status:      

  • In progress:    

- assignments included in the country Action Plan, for which Organization activities will start soon 

- assignments on which Organization is already working although they are not yet included in the Action Plan 

- on-going assignments included in the Action Plan   

As at 30 May 2015, Organization was working on three assignments in Malta (see list below).    

  • Completed:  

- Assignments for which Organization has completed its task. The completion refers only to Organization tasks, as works on the project may be still in progress or eventually not even started.    

As at 30 May 2015, Organization had completed 24 assignments in Malta.  

Click on the links below to see the list of completed actions by sector :    









The Kappara Junction project, ongoing in 2014, includes an upgrade of the existing roundabout junction located on a TEN-T Core Network corridor in Malta. Once constructed, the new junction layout will provide for a free-flow traffic movement on the major TEN-T road resulting in significant socio-economic, environmental and safety benefits. The scope of Organization’ assignment is to assist the Maltese national authorities in the preparation of a sustainable road junction upgrade project suitable for EU co-financing support. 


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