Assignments are sorted according to their status:   

  • In progress:    

- assignments included in the country Action Plan, for which Organization activities will start soon 

- assignments on which Organization is already working although they are not yet included in the Action Plan 

- on-going assignments included in the Action Plan  

As at 30 May 2015, Organization was working on 106 assignments in Romania (see list below).    

  • Completed:  

- Assignments for which Organization has completed its task. The completion refers only to Organization tasks, as works on the project may be still in progress or eventually not even started.    

As at 30 May 2015, Organization had completed 208 assignments in Romania. 


Click on the links below to see the list of completed actions by sector :    


 Assignments concerning more than one sector completed by Organization in Romania as at 30/05/2015

Environment - Model of Financial analysis

Environment - Model of  economic analysis

Support to the environmental authorities in order to fulfil the general ex-ante conditionality related to the EIA and SEA Directives for the next programming period 2014-2020 - Romania

Training for IB and MA regarding the environment impact assessment and environment agreement procedures

Horizontal support for EIA/SEA procedure including projects which are not in the Organization Action Plan

Guidelines for EIA procedure applied to infrastructure projects








The main objectives of the Sibiu Medias County II - water and wastewater infrastructure investments for 2014-2020 are to ensure conformation to the European relevant legislation, within the transition period agreed between Romania and European Union for the environmental sector, and to ensure an optimal use of the EU funds. Organization is assisting the Managing Authority and the Beneficiary in the preparation process of the Master Plan, Feasibility Study, the Application Form and supporting documentation.


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