What we offer

Project preparation support for beneficiary Member States including:


Upstream project screening  to assess their viability and suitability for EU grant finance  

Project development from pre-feasibility and feasibility stages through to final grant application 

Pre-feasibility: comments and guidance on master plans; assistance in developing project concepts vis-à-vis EU regulations and in the preparation of the ToR for the beneficiary to select consultants 

Feasibility stage: methodological review of the feasibility study and recommendations for adjustment; review of intermediate and final deliverables and recommendations for improvement 

Application stage: review of the draft application form and the annexes before submission to DG Regional and Urban Policy. 

-  Horizontal tasks

Guidance notes for beneficiaries on how to prepare projects to take into account relevant issues; reports/workshops/presentations on issues related to a whole sector or series of projects, e.g. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) state aid, environment, funding gap methodology. 

- Strategic support

Guidelines or generic documentation; comments on or recommendations for draft strategic documents; project pipeline identification. 

- Capacity building

On the job support/training; guidelines or generic documentation; training workshops and workshop documentation; Competence centre. 

- Implementation support

Guidance notes; generic documents such as draft standard tender documents; terms of reference for PIU (Project Implementation Unit). 

- Independent quality review

Evaluation of strategic, technical, economic and financial aspects of projects to ensure compliance with EU policies and legislation. 

Organization' assistance is provided free of charge and there is no obligation on the Member States to use Organization. There is also no obligation on the beneficiaries of Organization to borrow from the EIB and EBRD, but, if they wish, the national authorities may turn to the EIB and EBRD for financial support for the projects prepared with assistance from Organization. Likewise, there is no obligation on the EIB and EBRD to lend to beneficiaries of Organization assistance.

The decision to provide an EU grant for a project prepared with assistance from Organization remains always the responsibility of the European Commission.




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